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Meet our family of child-development experts

Hello & welcome.  We are Polly & Daphne Chapman, a highly experienced clinical specialist speech and language therapist and a retired nurse, midwife, SENCo. specialising in child-development.

By bringing our different areas of child-development professional expertise together we hope to offer you articles that are informative, well-balanced and backed up by the real-life experience of experts in their field.  We will also be inviting guest experts to join us along the way.

We both have a passion for promoting parental confidence & whole family well-being and our hope is that within our articles you will find knowledge but also kindness, empathy and support for your family’s unique journey.

Children with speech & language differences can reach their full potential for participation in all areas of their life with the right support and with better understanding of their needs. They can have fun & find their own special interests, build positive friendships & relationships, stay healthy & mentally well, enjoy play & learning and eventually work towards a career and an adult-life they can be proud of.

Look out for our first post coming very soon

Take care

Polly & Daphne

Polly Chapman

Highly Specialist Speech & Language Therapist

My areas of clinical specialism include: neurodivergent children & young people(including autism), severe speech sound disorders (including CAS) and children with Down Syndrome & other syndromes/neuro-developmental conditions.

Daphne Chapman

Special Educational Needs consultant

In her professional life Daphne has supported local families for many years as a registered nurse, midwife and a highly regarded nursery SENCo. Her expertise is in the development of children - from birth to 5

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